movement keys.png


Double click/tap where you want to move.


On mobile, drag your finger across the screen for joystick mode.


Interact with objects and videos.


Enter 'Ghost' mode to pass through other users.




Shoot confetti (Beta testing for limited users/spaces)


Close interaction (map, object, video, etc)


Customizable emotes

Raise hand

Clear emote

Ctrl/⌘ + P  Open Settings

Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + A  Turn mic on/off

Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + V  Turn camera on/off

Ctrl/⌘ + U  Turn quiet mode on/off

Points & Tokens

To earn rewards while exploring you must first SIGN UP 

cart coins no bg.png

Crypto Arcade Token
Off-chain tokens redeemable for physical prizes, cross-chain NFTs, access to both real world & metaverse events and more, or simply cash them out for $ONE. Arcade tokens are tied directly to staked $ONE in the community treasury. 100 Arcade tokens = 1 $ONE


Gems can be collected by completing a variety of tasks both in and out of the metaverse. At the end of each month, rewards generated from the community treasury will be distributed to Gem collectors through Crypto Arcade Tokens, and Gem balances will be reset to zero. For example, if 500 $ONE is generated from staking pools and 50 Gems were collected, each Gem will be worth 10 $ONE, or 1000 Crypto Arcade Tokens.

exp token.png

Like Gems, EXP can be collected by completing a variety of tasks, but hold no monetary value and are instead used to track progress & leveling. As your level grows, you'll gain access to more quests & rewards.

gallery token.png

Gallery Token
View NFTs on display in the Crypto Arcade to collect Gallery tokens. Click the buttons to open the marketplace to be credited. Every 10 Gallery tokens collected earns 1 Gem. Collect 100 Gallery tokens to have an NFT featured in the gallery.

zombie head token.png

Monster Tokens
Defeating monsters will earn you a variety of tokens, such as Zombie Heads or Bat Wings. You will also earn Gems for defeating multiple monsters of a certain type (for example, by collecting 5 Zombie Heads). Each monster will have different reward rates based on rarity and level (Monster Manual coming soon).