Click the button below then connect your Twitter and Email to start earning rewards from the Crypto Arcade!

Connect To The Metaverse

Twitter's OAuth does not connect when embedded within the metaverse, so to earn in-world rewards you must complete the steps below to create a password to login with. Make sure you've already registered with your Twitter & Email using the button above before continuing.

Logout. DO NOT click 'Change Password' as it will ask you for a current password, which has not been created yet. 


2. Click Create/Reset Password on the Login screen. Enter the Email you used when registering your Twitter account and click 'Reset Password'. You will receive an email from Crypto Arcade with a password reset link. Click it to create your password.

Create reset.png

You are now connected. Use your email & password to login at terminals within the metaverse to earn points & tokens while you explore!
Track your progress at

login tables.png